Network refinancing and advertising marketing

Target new customer groups and monetize your network with WiFi Advertising

You want to achieve more visibility? Promote new products? Exploit new digital advertising opportunities and at the same time increase customer satisfaction? No problem with the omni-channel management platform, also in conjunction with digital signage! With our solutions, you can specifically address new customer groups and evaluate and analyze the success of advertising campaigns. Using the analytics functions in our OCMP, analyses according to your wishes are no problem, whether you want to analyze the entire organization, a single location and a period of time, you can easily determine via your settings. This provides advertising partners with a simple and transparent overview of the most important KPIs and successes of the measures.

Network refinancing and marketing products

Let your network work for you and use WiFi advertising to attract new customers and generate advertising revenue at the same time. With these products from abl, WiFi advertising becomes child's play.



WiFi as a Service: fast, secure network

Our WiFi as a Service offers all the necessary components for an attractive WLAN for your company and your customers, from Internet access to WLAN access points.

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Omni-Channel-Management-Platform: Network Management and Data Analysis

Your network and your customers always in view: Use the OCMP to strengthen the performance of your locations and the loyalty to your customers in a targeted manner.

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Cisco Meraki

Intelligent IT infrastructure thanks to Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki products provide the secure, flexible Wi-Fi infrastructure you need. The intuitive interface allows an all-round view of all events at your location – even in real time.

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First insights: How you can use the OCMP for WiFi advertising

Want to see for yourself what WiFi Advertising looks like with the Omni-Channel-Management-Platform? No problem! A look at the screen will show you how, for example, our customer VAG Nuremberg successfully uses OCMP for advertising marketing.

The main advantages of WiFi Advertising

Why install new systems to refinance the network? Let us convince you of the advantages of our solutions for monetization and advertising marketing!


Benefit from detailed analyses

You receive evaluations of your campaigns for each location and can compare them. With the help of retargeting, address returning visitors several times with different content.

Take advantage of legally compliant data management

You get access to anonymized usage and visitor data – even in real time. The legally compliant data management lies with the abl.

Advertise on your own behalf

Place your own advertising content and give your products a push. Draw attention to your events or important events with Wi-Fi advertising.

Place promotions

Promotions such as discount codes and newsletter subscriptions provide an incentive to buy directly at the point of sale. With surveys you collect more information about your users.

Take advantage of the favorable marketing strategy

Break new ground: WiFi campaign management with abl's solutions is more lucrative and effective than traditional marketing strategies.

Generate advertising revenue

Cover your ongoing network costs by placing third-party advertising from partners or sponsors. With these revenues, the network refinancing works.

The right solution – for every industry

Especially in these industries, companies trust our solution for monetizing and advertising marketing the network:


Public transport

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Chain stores

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Cities & Public clients

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Financial institutions & insurance

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