The philosophy of abl

A company that creates connections – connectivity.made.easy


As a full-managed service provider, abl aims to create sustainable added value through digitization together with its employees, customers, and partners.. connectivity.made.easy. This company motto is what we live by every day.

Our vision: fast and easy connection of all people worldwide

We make connectivity as easy as possible


Whether at work, at private meetings, when shopping or at school: We are all increasingly dependent on being digitally connected – always and everywhere. To do this, we need a stable and secure IT infrastructure. However, when someone talks about smart networks, smart cities, and digital networking these days, it often becomes unnecessarily complicated. We, on the other hand, make it as easy as possible.

We want to help achieve this goal. Our vision is the fast and easy connection of all people worldwide.

Our objectives

What drives us makes us strong: We want to connect people with a lot of new ideas and solutions.


Growing together

We want to grow – together with our customers and partners.

Remarkable profile

With a distinct Managed Service portfolio, abl wants to underpin its uniqueness and recognition value.

Digitalization for everyone

We want to offer a high-quality, reliable, and innovative WiFi service nationwide – in companies, schools, public transport, municipalities, and cities as well as for advertisers.

Data management of the future

The appropriate analysis and monetization model for the WiFi is provided by abl in the form of the OCMP.



Our values at abl


Only together we can achieve the fast and easy connectivity of all people worldwide. That's why our employees, shareholders, and customers work together to get closer to this goal every day.


Grown from an innovative idea, future-oriented thinking, and the motivation to continue working on the implementation of our vision is our top priority.


Challenges are there to be mastered. We love to grow with the tasks facing our customers and always find the right solution.


With our solutions, we want to bring people closer together and at the same time provide a basis on which they can implement their ideas themselves.

International, innovative, versatile

What began in Nuremberg has long since outgrown its infancy: abl now connects companies, cities, and educational institutions – nationally and internationally. The reason for this is the innovative and versatile IT services, which are developed precisely for every industry.


Benjamin Akinci

Benjamin Akinci

CEO & Founder

"When I founded abl in 2013, my vision was to provide people with simple, secure and straightforward internet access."


Four locations, one goal: connectivity

abl works from four locations in Germany to connect as many people as possible and to ensure them secure access to the Internet.

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We write our own story

From the founding of the company to the opening of the fourth location: abl has already reached these important milestones

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Our Climate Protection Strategy 2030

If you want to find out more about how we want to achieve our goal to become a climate-neutral company by 2030, download our Climate Protection Strategy 2030


  • Purchase of green electricity
  • Increasing energy efficiency of our offices


  • Environmentally friendly travel and commuting
  • Focus on alternative drives for new vehicles


  • Close cooperation with suppliers
  • Sustainable purchasing strategy


  • Climate-friendly packaging and transport

Our sustainability goals

Ethical business practices

We fulfil our duty to ensure human rights are respected along our supply chain. 

Main Points:

  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Social commitment


We operate in harmony with our environment to conserve our  climate and resources into the future.

Main Points:

  • Climate and energy
  • Sustainable logistics

Digital future

We drive future-facing digitalization and contribute to our  customers’ success through sustainable innovation.

Main Points:

  • Sustainable in-house digitization
  • Sustainable technologies, solutions and services
  • Information security and data protection


We embody fairness and value our business partners and  employees. Our team is motivated, highly qualified and diverse.

Main Points:

  • Employer attractiveness
  • Diversity and equal opportunity
  • Health and safety