Our History

The origin of abl solutions


The history of abl began in 2013 in a 20 square meter office in the heart of Nuremberg. The brilliant idea of company founder Benjamin Akinci: to make people's lives easier through connectivity via WiFi logins. The idea was well received and a company was created that implemented projects throughout Germany after only two years and now continues to grow steadily.

An idea that connects

An innovative idea as the foundation for an entire company.


Benjamin Akinci

Benjamin Akinci

CEO & Founder

"When I founded abl in 2013, my vision was to provide people with simple, secure and straightforward internet access."

From start-up to established company

abl has long since outgrown its infancy and yet has not lost the hands-on mentality of the start-up phase. Innovative and flexible, we now offer our individual IT and communication solutions as a full-managed service provider to customers worldwide.

Our philosophy

One idea – the foundation

A good idea resulted in a company that connects people throughout Germany and promotes digitization within the country. The company developed into a full-managed service provider.

Strong through community

Thanks to the support of our employees and strong partners, abl has grown into a impressive company. We all believe in connecting people quickly and safely.

Rethinking connectivity

We are a company that creates connections. We connect national and international companies, cities and educational institutions – simply, reliably and quickly.

Innovations that drive advancement

Thanks to the innovative and versatile IT services that abl has developed in the meantime, new customers and new business areas are constantly being added. The story is not over yet!

Our company history – the milestones

A lot has happened since the company was founded in 2013. abl has reached many milestones and has outgrown itself. But see for yourself!



The company continues to grow

abl's journey continues: the company opens two new offices, one in Hamburg and one in Dusseldorf. In addition, the company has cracked the 100-employee mark.


Honored with the Deloitte Fast 50 Award

A successful Series B financing round, project start "HessenWLAN" (HZD), ISO 27001 certification – several milestones hailed in 2020. One of them is the installation of the Managed WiFi for several HUK Coburg agencies, incl. OCMP. In addition, abl receives the Deloitte Fast 50 Award in 2020.


Quality management is awarded

Since 2019 there is also WiFi for property developers (Europacity Berlin). Meanwhile, Managed WiFi conquers Messe Köln (Cologne Trade Fair) and abl's quality management system is certified with ISO 9001.


Managed WiFi conquers Germany

abl installs Managed WiFi throughout Germany in all CONRAD Electronics stores. The public transport of Nuremberg also uses the service. In addition, an advertising partnership with SEAT starts and the state of Schleswig Holstein is overjoyed about the "SchulWLAN" project (Dataport). In addition to these large projects, abl wins the Digital Leader Award.


Expansion of business areas

The company continues to grow: abl now also offers its solutions in the retail sector for chain stores. With the Berliner Sparkasse (BSK), the first savings bank now relies on abl solutions. In addition, the OCMP 2.0 is launched.


New location is opened

In 2016, abl opens its new office in Berlin. In addition, the Berlin Free WiFi by Audible project is launched.


OCMP is launched

Two years after its foundation, the patented software solution OCMP is launched. In addition, the company is implementing various large projects, such as WiFi for the G7 summit in Munich or in initial reception facilities (BitBW).


Expansion of national projects

In the year following its foundation, abl expands the implementation of national projects. The team lands the first advertising partnerships for WiFi remonetization projects.


Foundation of abl

Benjamin Akinci has an idea: WiFi with Facebook login for gastronomy. This idea is the foundation for abl in 2013.



Our goal: to create connections!

connectivity.made.easy – we live and work according to this guiding principle at abl. We create connections, as easily as possible.

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