More than just connectivity: Omni-Channel-Management-Platform

The innovative tool for digitizing your locations

Did you know? The Omni-Channel-Management-Platform (OCMP) can do more than just smuggle customers and employees onto the Internet! The innovative solutions of abl will show you previously unknown potential: The company network offers a basis for addressing your customers in a targeted manner – uncomplicated and direct. Whether WiFi, digital signage, digital reading circles, or ESL (electronic shelf labeling) – the OCMP is your central platform to manage the digital twin of your locations.

With abl's award-winning OCMP, you can provide all users with convenient and secure WiFi access. At the same time, you can use the intelligent infrastructure to not only play out marketing content precisely based on data and correlations, but also to improve business decisions.


What can the OCMP do?

The Omni-Channel-Management-Platform offers you a variety of functions: WiFi Management, Digital Signage, management of electronic price tags, reading circles, detailed insights, and evaluations.


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Everything at a glance: IT infrastructure, locations, contracts and much more. Keyword "Digital Twin": OCMP Management offers you the opportunity to digitally map your organizational structure 1:1 and manage it easily – this saves money and helps you to spend more time on important content.

  • Manage all sites and the corresponding network infrastructure in one tool
  • Separation of internal (employees) and external networks (public)
  • Presentation of individual organizational structures – adapted to your business
  • Simple user and role management
  • Simple and secure authorization and role management
  • Intuitive operation, even for inexperienced users

Would you like to reach your target group? Speak the language of your users! Improve customer loyalty while reducing churn – all of which is possible with OCMP Interact. With Campaign Management and the Digital Signage solution, you can control and individualize all digital marketing campaigns and advertising elements centrally in one place.


  • Use the available information to play out tailor-made marketing content
  • Improve your offerings through customer interaction and information
  • Increase the length of stay or reduce the perceived waiting time at your locations with a secure and functioning WiFi, WiFi-based services and other offers
  • ROI boost: by integrating advertising partners, you can reach the break-even point in no time at all and earn money with your network
  • CI-compliant adaptation of all campaign elements
  • Reduction of printing and administration costs

Would you like to get to know and understand your target group better? OCMP Insights allows you to analyze your target audience on multiple levels. You gain individual insights into your locations and can make needs-based decisions.


  • Data-to-action: Our OCMP turns your company into a real data-driven business in no time at all. Our AI-based dashboards and insights support you in all decisions.
  • Location Booster: Improving the location performance and design of buildings, public spaces and vehicles
  • Data literacy: Anyone can use the data from the OCMP. They are intuitive and clearly understandable for all user groups
  • Data export: Use the information from the OCMP in other systems to obtain correlations and insights
  • Analysis in the OCMP dashboard or via REST API
  • Real-time analytics and history views
  • Quickly measure the success of your OCMP marketing campaigns or individual elements to identify potential improvements


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The key benefits at a glance

Are you looking for a simple solution to increase the performance of your company? Let us convince you of the advantages of OCMP!



The OCMP gives your customers free and secure access to the Internet. With built-in marketing and analytics capabilities, you can place targeted marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Unique experiences

The OCMP offers a variety of different elements for designing appealing onboarding journeys. Adapt the content to the needs of your customers, employees and other target groups and create immediate added value.

Easy refinancing

You can market the advertising space within your WiFi onboarding journey as well as your digital signage to partners or third parties. In this way, the investment made pays off in no time at all and you generate additional income with your network.

Customer loyalty and engagement

Happy customers are loyal customers: With OCMP you have a target group and customers in the focus of your daily actions. This is how you turn interested people into customers. And customers into happy, returning customers.

The right OCMP for you

Every company is unique! Use the individual components of the OCMP according to your needs. We are happy to help you choose the right components for you!

Partner integration

Control your new in-house advertising channel and thereby expand the placement of your existing partners in the digital world. Or use the channel yourself, e.B. to attract the best professionals from the industry for your business.

abl - the right partner for every industry

The OCMP is the ideal tool to create the perfect digital twin of your business. Our solution is therefore already used in a wide variety of areas and industries.


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