Digitalization in public transport

Capacity optimization, line management, marketing control – this and more is what our IT solutions for public transport offer

No real-time information about the location of the means of transport, delays, and maintenance work: Many passengers want customer-friendly public transport. But the transport companies lack the data to satisfy their customers. Our public transport tools improve transport systems and the quality of passenger transport services. You connect all vehicles in your fleet with each other – and that with a powerful network. How many passengers use which routes and when? Is this line increasingly used by people with disabilities and is the capacity sufficient for wheelchairs? Where is the bus stuck? When is rush hour? You can find out all this thanks to big data analyses from the tools.


Use the information to plan operations more cost-effectively while increasing customer satisfaction. Because our system includes your WiFi and the digital screens along the entire route. Use these advertising spaces to easily refinance the network and provide passengers with mobile Internet.

Mobile travel: Our solutions for public transport

With our IT solutions for public transport, you can track your vehicles in real time, display delays to the minute on screens in the means of transport or at the stops and at the same time provide your customers with free and stable WiFi. Our tool even analyzes certain events such as bad weather, holidays, traffic disruptions, and customer feedback from ongoing traffic operations in real time. Use this knowledge to plan operations more efficiently and cost-effectively – with the following solutions from abl.



Get detailed data and analysis from the OCMP

Analyze vehicle utilization and track transportation in real time with the Omni-Channel Management Platform. With this data, you can optimize routes, determine rush hour and peak days, and at the same time address passengers in the means of transport with target group-specific WiFi campaigns.



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Smart Solutions

Digitize passenger transport with Smart Solutions

We install and configure routers in all means of transport, whether bus, tram, or train. Simply link the routers in the vehicles to your OCMP and have everything in view. Thanks to over-the-air updates, your fleet is always up to date. 


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With abl support, you can connect public transport to the network

We plan, implement and maintain your solution for mobile Internet in public transport. The abl accompanies you throughout the entire process and is on hand for any questions or problems that arise.



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Discover the advantages for public transport

Do you want to digitize your transport operations? Benefit twice from the advantages of abl solutions for public transport: Free WiFi for passengers, new data analysis and marketing platform for the company.


Stable WiFi

Thanks to the secure, stable Wi-Fi, you can easily place important news such as timetable changes, new products and services of the transport companies and partner companies.

Vehicle tracking

Track your vehicle fleet in real time via our fast and stable network. This allows you to directly identify and correct any deviations.

Data-driven decisions

Collect data on transport movements, visitor traffic and customer opinions. In this way, you receive data-based recommendations for action – regardless of the means of transport used – and can continuously improve the performance of your vehicles and make the journey as pleasant as possible for passengers.

Industry-specific KPIs

Use your WiFi to analyze passenger traffic at peak times or for accurate passenger counting. With the help of this data, you can get more out of public transport thanks to capacity optimization.

WiFi advertising campaigns

Use your WiFi and the omni-channel management platform in public transport for timed and target group-specific marketing campaigns. Address your passengers in a targeted manner in this way.

Easy refinancing

Thanks to digital signage, you can rent out the advertising space of your WiFi as well as the screens at bus stops and buses to advertising partners. In this way, you can generate additional revenue from your network and it will refinance itself in no time at all.

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