Nuremberg, November 10, 2020 – Especially in Corona times, when we are careful to maintain sufficient distance and avoid crowds, riding in a full bus is not a pleasant idea. It would be good if the passengers could call up the expected passenger volume before starting the journey. VAG would like to fulfill this wish and is starting a test with two articulated buses. We, the abl social federation GmbH, and Stahl Computertechnik GmbH are also involved.

To find out how many passengers are on the way, VAG cannot access reservation data as it does with long-distance traffic. Instead, the free WLAN “MobiConnect”, for which we are on board as partners, is used here: the routers installed in the buses record the terminal devices that log into “MobiConnect”. This also detects devices that are not logged in but have WLAN or Bluetooth switched on. The information is processed in encrypted form in the background system and a cumulative absolute number of devices ready to receive is determined. This way the occupancy rate of the vehicle is determined. The data acquisition runs like apps that generate traffic jam reports and do not pass on any personal data. VAG spokeswoman Barbara Lohss announced before the start of the test that the test results are eagerly awaited. “If the test phase is successful, we can support VAG in extending the measurements to all vehicles with WLAN or Bluetooth equipment. This will allow passengers to plan better or to switch to empty vehicles,” says Benjamin Akinci, CEO and founder of abl, explaining the great added value of the project.

CEO and founder of abl, Benjamin Akinci and Anja Wagner from the VAG

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