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As competition for the hearts and minds of consumers heats up, creating powerful moments of connection with your audience has never been more critical. See how we helped leading electronics retailer, Conrad Electronic, connect with their customers. Then, discover how we can help you connect with your audience.

Managed Wifi

As a leading electronics retailer, it was paramount that Conrad Electronic create a shopping experience that provides the highest standard of digital enablement and engagement for their customers. Our suite of end-to-end managed WiFi solutions brought Conrad Electronic stores online with less risk and effort and laid the foundation for future digital innovation.


Conrad Electronic added our marketing software to their network to deliver personalized digital campaigns that optimize customer interactions at the point of sale. Campaigns are created seamlessly and deployed from our web-based platform to their in-store WiFi Splash Page and Digital Signage for a unified and personalized user experience.


Combining in-store WiFi connectivity with the Omni Channel Marketing Platform enables you to uncover a wealth of hidden insights from your customer data to improve your business. Our patented Location Analytics algorithm gives you a real-time look at visitor frequency, capture rates, and more.

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Managed WiFi



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