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Businesses and their advertising partners face an ever-shrinking window of opportunity to capture consumers’ attention and obtain data that gives them a full online-offline view of their audience. Our suite of technologies helped MAS extend the advertising reach of one of the largest automotive manufacturers in Europe to a targeted and engaged audience with improved data accuracy, personalization, optimization, and measurability.

WiFi Advertising

ABL’s extensive network capabilities gave MAS the perfect opportunity to extend their advertising reach to millions of public transportation passengers. Our robust network analytics enabled them to select a WiFi network with an ideal user profile that matched their target market to the public transportation network of the City of Nuremberg (VAG).


Understanding the reach and impact of marketing activities is crucial for businesses. The OCMP delivers the necessary analytics to provide impressions for individual ads. Integrating the data into CRMs help advertisers build robust customer and user profiles with both in-store and online data points. Additionally, we secure and provide specific GDPR conform data to help our partners avoid legal actions.

Campaign Management

MAS used our OCMP platform to deploy a unified marketing campaign to millions of users with exclusive video and banner ad placement across the VAG guest WiFi network. The campaign was wildly successful, generating over 1.9 million ad impressions in a single month.

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Having ABL in our portfolio offers us the great possibility to achieve the next level of mobile advertising, reaching a specific urban target group and young consumers. Partnering with them was one of the best decisions our company has ever made.

— Philipp Müller, Sales Director, MAS

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