OCMP Subscriptions

Tailor-made performance – with abl's modular and component-specific subscriptions

Unnecessary costs for unused services? That is now a thing of the past!  Our Omni-Channel-Management-Platform offers modular and component-specific subscriptions  (Insights  or  Interact). This enables a cost-optimized  service – according to your needs. With OCMP Subscriptions, you get exactly the support you need.

What do our OCMP subscriptions include?

Insights or Interact - the choice is yours

Choose the model of our subscriptions that suits your needs. The different scope of services of our two models can be found in the table




The most important building blocks of OCMP Subscriptions

According to the modular principle, you can put together exactly the modules you need for your OCMP. So, you get the best out of your system with little effort!



OCMP management gives you simple, complete control and management over the lifetime of your digital assets. From creation to archiving – accompany the entire process with our solution.

WiFi Campaign Management

Create mobile or desktop-enabled spash pages for guest Wi-Fi. In the Campaign Editor, you can customize as many elements as you like, such as image, text, and buttons. Or interact with users via questionnaires.

WiFi Campaign Analytics

Optimize marketing campaigns by analyzing your success. Understand which elements of the campaign worked well and which didn't work as well. Also, see how the audience reacted to the campaign.

Location Analytics

Find out who your target group is! How many people can stay with you every day? What parts of your locations are points-of-attraction? Increase the performance of your locations with this information. All this allows you to do the location analysis in the OCMP.

Tethered bandwidth

Would you like to charge visitors for Wi-Fi access based on time, data and/or speed? No problem! The OCMP offers you the opportunity to increase sales directly through Wi-Fi use.

Connectors & Software Integration

Create new mailing lists quickly and easily and personalize communication with your Wi-Fi users. With our partner tools such as RapidMail or MailChimp, this can be achieved in no time at all.

Marketing & Social WiFi

Enable users to seamlessly connect to their social media channels on their device.   You get valuable feedback and can use it to improve business operations.

API access

All user data in the OCMP is available to you via our API. This allows you to integrate the data directly into your CRM, ERP and loyalty systems. You can enrich the existing data sets with additional information.

Digital Signage

Place advertising or information digitally on the display – time-controlled, automated, intelligent. OCMP offers advanced tools with digital signage to ensure that your message arrives – centrally managed, globally applicable.

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