Looking to the future: abl solutions GmbH receives 6.2 million fresh capital to expand its innovative solution and product portfolio further

Nuremberg, Oktober 24th, 2022 - abl solutions GmbH (“Company”), a highly innovative scale-up based in Nuremberg, remains focused on achieving consistent growth and securing new sales and order intake in the short-term and long-term despite the adverse economic and supply issues events of the post-Covid era. What began with the goal of providing customers with a high-quality and reliable Wi-Fi service has now evolved into an innovative and versatile IT services company.

The company valuation has steadily increased since the first financing round in 2016, and now the Series B round will be expanded by an additional € 6.2 million in funding. The proceeds will be used to further invest in the future and the continued innovations of abl solutions.

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Our proprietary cloud-based Omni-Channel-Management-Platform added innovative features to address new market demands, such as in the Asia Pacific via our Singapore-based subsidiary abl solutions Asia Pte. Ltd. The Company’s focus is to expand into the new markets where we have identified opportunities, and we established defined goals for the coming year. The Company is also working on making internal processes work more efficiently. The foundation for this has already been laid with the introduction of the SAP system, which will go live by the end of 2022. The Company believes that our success depends on retaining the best possible talent in the market. For this reason, abl solutions are working on a Virtual Employee Share Option Program (VESOP) to enable employees to participate in the company's success.

"I would like to thank our investors for their trust and continued support despite the difficult market conditions in 2022. I am proud of the work done by the team, and I am sure that we will continue to grow together in 2023; This coming year will be challenging due to the tense market situation and the current supply bottlenecks, yet it will be a year full of opportunities" says Benjamin Akinci, CEO and founder of abl. "With our investors behind us and newly opened perspectives, we want to grow organically, continuing to inspire our customers with innovative solutions. By pushing ahead with our internationalization initiative, the optimization of the existing product portfolio, and the development and implementation of new solutions for the growing digital market, we want to generate a positive annual result for the first time in 2023.  We have a solid customer base and sales pipeline. I look forward to, and could not be more optimistic about, the coming years," said Akinci.

Investors are also united behind the Company and its goals: "We firmly believe in abl and its vision for the future, and we are proud to be a part of this success story. Abl Solutions has been able to maintain a sustainable business and growth trajectory, and projections for 2023 look very promising," says Mauricio Porras, Managing Partner at H20 Capital.

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